How does your monitoring work?

At QuickPacket, reliability of our hardware for guaranteed uptime is paramount. Regardless of your plan, we monitor all our servers for free. We frequently scan BMC's System Event Log (SEL) for errors through IPMI interface. Any log entry containing an error is flagged and escalated to a system administrator for a review. This allows us to monitor any system component which logs an entry in SEL.

We cover the following at the minimum: CPU, RAM, System Buses such as PCIe and BMC. Even a perfectly functioning server can be offline when the network is down, therefore, we also monitor link status on server's primary and management Ethernet ports.

Please note: Our monitoring system does not explicitly cover higher functions such as OS, application status or any component which that does not log its status to SEL. So we strongly encourage you to use appropriate system monitoring packages (snmpd, smartmontools, mdadm, LSI 3DM2, etc.) in addition to the monitoring we provide.

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