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About our Company

Since our founding in June 2003, QuickPacket™ has provided quality services to our customers at reasonable prices. QuickPacket, LLC was formed in October 2004 in the State of South Carolina and converted to the State of North Carolina in February 2012. QuickPacket is a privately owned and operated company with no long term debt. Our team is made up of industry veterans with years of experience in business and telecommunications. Despite our tremendous growth since opening, we remain a customer-focused service provider committed to providing our customers the highest levels of customer service and support. We will always go the extra mile for your organization.

Our Datacenters

Our flagship location, in the heart of Virginia.

With an incredible team at the datacenter and a continually increasing presence, our Ashburn datacenter is at the center of our operation.

Our fastest growing location.

Our Los Angeles datacenter continues to impress with a high quality network that meets the needs of our international customers.

Third largest city in the US.

One of the most well connected cities in the world, Chicago meets the unique demands of many of our customers.

Los Angeles


Check out what our customers have to say.

Marcus review at WebHostingTalk.

Strong network, fast support, and no-frills dedicated servers that are great for almost any purpose.

Rick review at WebHostingTalk.

Thus far, I am very satisfied with the service, product, pricing QuickPacket has offered.

brspace review at Serchen.

Excellent support and they are always helping me. Since the beginning, never offline. Excellent network and uptime.

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